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Let HESS Optimise Your Cash Flow With Efficient Cash-Handling Solutions

Cash will remain an important means of payment for everyday shopping needs for the foreseeable future. Before starting work, your cash desk staff therefore need a certain amount of money in the form of a cash float. Likewise, all notes and coins should be counted quickly and reliably at the end of the day or shift and ideally handled automatically.

The new HESS CashCenter is a central pay office that makes cash-handling processes at retailers simpler, more efficient and more secure. With this system, all cash stocks are clearly traceable at all times. Special attention is given to the flows of cash between individual cash registers, the central pay office and the cash delivery company or financial institution. When it comes to the automated processes, it is vital that the corresponding cash amounts are provided and collected reliably and efficiently. Furthermore, cash amounts must be kept absolutely safe from unauthorised access. All employees identified on the system also operate the system independently. Remote access functions continuously update system administrators about all transactions and cash holdings.

Modular Design for a Wide Range of Possible Applications

Retailers and transport companies have different requirements for their automated central pay office. The priority for a company is the ability to process bank notes, whereas other users require a complete solution that includes coin handling to deal with all cash denominations. Thanks to its modular design, the HESS CashCenter meets the most varied requirements and is therefore suitable for numerous applications.  The functionality of the automated central pay office can be gradually expanded – even the base software is designed along modular lines. This guarantees the best possible protection for your investment.

Your Benefits

  • Automates the central cash office
  • Controls and checks the quantity of cash
  • Streamlines the flow of cash
  • Optimises process to deliver substantial time and cost savings
  • Makes cash management more efficient
  • Delivers system transparency thanks to a comprehensive monitoring solution

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