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The Admission System from MERKUR

Automated Access Control for Your Safety

Protection of your customers and ensuring the necessary hygiene standards is a priority in these challenging times. The “MERKUR Traffic Control” venue access system makes it easier for you to comply with legal requirements and it simultaneously contributes to long-term savings with regards to hiring additional personnel or security staff. Using established and easy to follow symbols, the MERKUR Traffic Control system is ideally suited for regulating visitor flows to establishments in diverse sectors, providing your customers and your staff with the highest level of safety and easing the workload for your staff. And now MERKUR Traffic Control is connected! Via easy plug-and-play, our traffic lights can do even more now.

How it Works?

“MERKUR Traffic Control” at a Glance


Two traffic lights can now be connected quite simply using plug-and-play technology: communication between the traffic lights is enabled and the spectrum of use is enhanced. Connecting the lights is the next step in the further development of the proven MERKUR Traffic Control System.

Traffic Light System

As soon as the individually set number of people of a specific area is reached, the traffic light changes to red. If a guest within the controlled area leaves, it causes the number of people to fall below the set standard and the light switches back to green.

Acoustic Signal

If people enter the control area while the traffic lights are red, thus exceeding the configured number of persons, an acoustic warning signal is triggered.

Contactless Admission Control

The flow of visitors at the entrance and exit of your premises can be reliably controlled thanks to contactless sensor systems. The system is fitted with sensors on both sides. You can therefore also place it right in the centre of the entrance passageway. A passage width of up to 2 metres per side can be monitored.

Technical Data

  • Height adjustable, max. total height: 146 cm
  • Base plate: Ø 50 cm
  • Weight: 14.5 kg

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