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HESS SafeBag – Secure and Compact

The HESS SafeBag family is a space-saving alternative solution to a night safe and a flexible deposit or backup solution for your self-service branch concept. Your customers can deposit cash in safebags easily and securely around the clock at these compact VdS-certified valuable deposit systems.

Are you looking for a space-saving alternative solution to a night safe solution? Do you need a simple backup or deposit solution to complement your range of services for your customers? Regardless of whether it's a TTW or lobby machine, your customers can use the HESS SafeBags to make deposits around the clock, even outside of normal business hours.

Customers are guided simply and easily through the complete deposit process and have the option of performing transactions in a single process on this deposit system. CIT companies can also quickly find their way through the emptying process.

Optimally Integrated and Secure

Integrate our deposit systems into your local network and monitor and manage them from the comfort of your workplace – and you will always be up-to-date. A variety of sensors monitor every step of each transaction. Equipped with an ATM safe, the HESS SafeBags meets the security standards according to EN 1143-2.

Overview of the HESS SafeBag

  • Compact alternative solution to a night safe
  • Flexible deposit and secure backup solution for your self-service branch concept
  • Administration and monitoring in real time via the intranet
  • Self-service 24/7
  • Standard technology and software platform for all HESS products

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