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HESS CashCenter - Intelligent and Automated Central Pay Office Solution

The HESS CashCenter is an automated central pay office solution whose coin and bank-note recycling technology streamlines your cash flow. The solution not only optimises processes, but also cuts personnel costs.

The system offers convenient and intuitive operation using a 15‘‘ touch screen that also serves alongside the hybrid card reader as a means of identifying the user. The HESS CashCenter issues cash office personnel with a cash float of notes and coins, receives the entire cash float again at the end of the shift and makes it available again for additional cash float disbursements.

The HESS CashCenter offers extensive configuration options that enable it to administer the cash entrusted to it autonomously. Excess coins or bank notes that are no longer required for the float disbursement are skimmed according to the defined values into the storage containers provided.

The clear separation between the cash and service sections ensures that bank personnel and cash-in-transit employees only have access within the scope of their own responsibilities. The HESS CashCenter can also be added to existing networks and processes where its online integration capability allows for easy remote access for supervisory staff or cash delivery companies.

Overview of the HESS CashCenter

  • Intelligent central pay office system
  • Integration in processes & networks
  • Issue from stock, skimming, cashing up & money exchange
  • Rapid replenishment & disbursement
  • Balance query & administration of balance in safe
  • Counting & fitness check for bank notes
  • Cash check for notes & coins
  • Conforms to CIT requirements

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