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HESS CoinRoll – Compliant With Article 6 1338/2001

Since 1 January 2018, EU Regulation 1338/2001 has also applied to coil roll dispensers. Its aim is to protect the euro against counterfeiting. Strictly speaking, the regulation states that coins as well as bank notes must be checked before they are reissued. This means that bank notes and coins that are suspected of being counterfeit or which cannot be verified as genuine must be withheld. As a market leader in the area of coin automation, we addressed this complex challenge early on and developed a practical solution that could be implemented in a legally compliant and economic manner.

HESS CoinRoll dispenses coin rolls tailored to the needs of your customers and exchange money into the requested coins and notes. As the operator, you can stock each of our coin roll dispensers individually and thus react in a simple, flexible manner.

A coin roll issue and exchange service at any time of the day, even outside of the normal business hours of your branch. That is important for your customers. With our HESS CoinRoll coin roll dispensers you can provide this service and ease the burden on your own counter service.

You have flexibility with each of our coin roll dispensers thanks to our TopRoll technology as they can be easily and individually stocked according to the needs and demand on site. This means that with our future-proof technology your system can be easily adapted after a number of years to meet new requirements in terms of demand.

You can monitor each of your coin roll dispensers in real time, request stocks, make entries or analyse transactions by simply integrating the machine into your network - and this way you are always up-to-date. 

Overview of the HESS CoinRoll

  • Compliant with article 6 1338/2001
  • Flexible mix of rolls with proven TopRoll technology
  • Protection of your investment thanks to HESS TopRoll technology
  • Individual configuration of the coin roll magazine for flexible fluctuation in demand
  • Automatic coin roll inventory
  • Self-service 24/7
  • Quick and easy to fill and service
  • Administration and monitoring in real time via the intranet

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