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HESS SmartKiosk – Our Solution for Diverse Applications

HESS SmartKiosk is optimally suited for use in various areas: for example, for the presentation of information or for processing a wide range of customer-related tasks. HESS SmartKiosk can be ideally used as a central, cashless payment solution. Payments can be processed easily, securely and conveniently by card. With its compact design, it can be set up and used almost anywhere – even when space is scarce. 

Fast and intuitive self service

HESS SmartKiosk is fast and intuitive to operate. Customer requests can be handled conveniently and easily in self-service mode. Various information can be displayed flexibly on the large, high-resolution touch-screen monitor, regardless of payment processes.
 Can also be integrated into your own portals if needed.

Easy and convenient payments

HESS SmartKiosk can be used as a central payment solution. Various payments can be processed easily and conveniently by card. HESS implements its comprehensive expertise to achieve seamless integration into existing specialist systems.

Versatile identification options

The machine can be equipped with a wide range of identification options according to individual wishes and requirements. Customers can identify themselves either by scanning bar codes or QR codes, reading RFID cards, providing debit cards or by entering details manually on the touch-screen monitor.

Overview of the HESS MultiPay

  • Compact solution
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Diverse applications
  • Cashless payments

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