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Development and Production in Baden-Württemberg

Our products, whether it's hardware or software, are quintessentially "Made in Germany". We are proud that we have been designing and producing our machines from prototype construction through to marketable products at our site in Magstadt for nearly 100 years; in the same way as we develop and implement our software solutions here. We have sales, marketing and service activities on all continents.

The "Made in Germany" distinction is an expression of quality, efficiency and precision; and in our case a touch of Swabian ingenuity is added for good measure. With this enthusiasm for what we do, the company and our products remain dynamic. This also means added value for our customers that they can rely on now and in the future. 

Hardware and Software Development

Here at HESS, the key difference that makes us what we are is present from the outset whenever we develop our own solutions. That is because they are developed by our talented teams, working closely with our customers – true to our motto “with people for people”. In so doing, our focus is on meeting the demands of the market and giving customers the added value they really need.

Another principle that we cherish at HESS is innovation. While others philosophise about digital technology, we are already developing the next mobile-only line with our customers. Our own creative software department delivers solutions that complement the processes and applications of our customers. Whether it's the cloud, the web or mobile – we tackle all topics together with the customer and implement them successfully.

Some companies think of design, architecture, engineering, testing and roll-outs in term of years. We like to think of these activities as sprints. For us, agility is not just a buzzword, but a core element of our mindset that has characterised HESS since its foundation.


Made in Germany. Made by HESS. Our quality standards continue in production. Here too they are a key factor for efficient production processes and a high level of quality assurance. With our successful certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 we underline our commitment and our responsibility, not just to our customers and employees but also to the environment. We are motivated to continually improve the quality of our "Made in Germany" products and processes and steadily expand them.

The ever-increasing customer expectations regarding the functionality and quality of our products mean that we must also implement measures in production. By introducing LEAN production, we want to face and master current and future challenges in the market. In this context, the LEAN culture provides a generous environment in which people can recognise the work of others, show respect and offer mutual support. The emphasis here is on educating and training individual employees in LEAN methods and establishing a culture of continuous improvement whose purpose is to make processes simpler and more efficient, thereby ensuring that we exceed the expectations of our customers.


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