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HESS CoinIn – The Ideal Banking Solution

HESS CoinIn coin deposit systems check, count and value coins around the clock. They cope with large quantities quickly and reliably. Counterfeit coins or non-coin objects are reliably recognised and removed.

You are looking for a convenient coin deposit solution for you and your customers? You will find the right machine every time with our coin deposit systems. Your customers are able to use the coin service at any time of the day, even outside of normal business hours, thereby easing the burden on your counter service.

Each coin deposit system in our HESS CoinIn product line also checks counts and values large quantities of loose coins quickly and reliably. Counterfeit coins are reliably recognised in accordance with the latest ECB (European Central Bank) guidelines. HESS coin deposit systems remove non-coin objects.

Optimally Integrated and Well Organised

Integrate our coin deposit systems into your local network and you can easily request sales volumes from your workplace and analyse transactions - and you will always be up-to-date.

Our HESS CoinIn coin deposit systems are designed in such a way that you can integrate and organise your CIT (cash-in-transit) services in the best possible way. The clear separation of the cash and service sections ensures that people only have access to the machine within the scope of their own responsibilities. Whether it's a front or rear loader, the HESS CoinIn coin deposit systems can be quickly and securely filled and emptied using a menu-driven process.

Overview of the HESS CoinIn

  • Acceptance of bulk coinage
  • Checks, counts and values quickly
  • Reliable removal of non-coin objects
  • Simple administration via the intranet
  • Enhancement of your range of services around the clock
  • Seasonal cash flow equalisation
  • Efficient handling of coins
  • Self-explanatory operation for bank and CIT (cash-in-transit) employee
  • Time-saving and easy servicing
  • Standard technology and software platform for all HESS products

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